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Faculty Services Guide

Providing descriptions and links to various library services available to WJC faculty.

Request a Course Guide

Curry Library offers standard research subject guides to support student and faculty research in a number of disciplines on campus. Click the link below to access all subject guides.

If your course is in need of more specific library research support than these Guides provide, you may request a course guide. Some use cases include:

  • Support for a specific and extensive research assignment
  • Linking out to course reserve materials in the library catalog
  • Linking out to various electronic library resources such as ebooks and journal articles, and library database videos
  • Linking to various resources online (ex. YouTube videos, podcasts, online articles).

To request a course guide, please click on the link below and fill out the course guide request form. Course guides will require time to create, and requests should be made at least a semester in advance of the course.