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Pryor Learning Commons - Second Floor: Using the PLC Printers

Descriptions of library policies, services, and resources specific to the 2nd Floor of the Pryor Learning Commons (PLC).

Printer Troubleshooting

William Jewell College's printers are on a networked system administered by the College's IT department. This troubleshooting page is meant to address general issues encountered in the printing process, but if problems persist please contact IT directly.

There are two printers located on the second floor of the Pryor Learning Commons. These printers may print documents from any of the networked desktops on the second floor, any WJC issued iPad, and most personally owned student Windows or Mac laptops.

Common Issues

If you are having issues printing a document, please follow these steps:

1. Ensure you are connected to the Jewell Secure wi-fi network. Devices may sometimes switch to the Guest network if they travel from building to building. Print jobs will not process while on the guest network. If you are unsure how to check on your wi-fi network, please consult the links below.

2. Ensure you are sending the document to the correct printer. The two printers on the second floor of the PLC are named "plc_big_printer" and "plc_small_printer."

3. When printing for the first time, you will need to authenticate into the printer network system. The login will be your email handle (not including the and normal network password. 



In any macOS program (such as Finder, Preview, or Microsoft Word), the shortcut to Print is typically the Command () + P. The Print command is usually found in a program's File menu or can be located using the Help menu.

For more information on printing from a Mac, click the link below


Printing a document from an iPad is typically done through the Share Sheet. It's icon is an arrow emerging from a screen, pointed upward.

Share Sheet Icon

Clicking on this image will invoke the Share Sheet. Depending on the document being shared, a print icon or shortcut will be present in the list of available share options. Be sure to select the A4 (8.5 x 11") paper size option in the printer dialogue box so your document prints in the correct image size.

Tip: If you wish to save any document as a .pdf instead of printing, in the printer dialog box, pinch and drag the image of the document outward, and it will switch to an option of saving your document in the Files app.

For more information on printing using iPadOS, please use the links below.