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Library FAQs: PLC 2ND Floor FAQ

Frequently asked questions about library services, resources, and spaces.

FAQ Introduction

These frequently asked questions and their answers are related to the services and resources of the PLC 2ND Floor. For more information click the link below.


- May I reserve space on the 2nd Floor of the PLC for a group event or interview?

Use of the open space on the 2nd Floor of the PLC is intended for all WJC students, staff, and faculty as a quiet study space. Usage of this space for an event, interview, or other types of gatherings that will be disruptive to a quiet study atmosphere are prohibited unless otherwise approved by the Director of Library Services. For more information, see the PLC Usage policy linked below.

Are there restrooms on the second floor?

Yes, there are restrooms on every floor of the PLC. On the second floor there is a Men's and Women's restroom in the southwest corner of the floor, near the printer and staircase.

Can I print from the second floor?

Yes, you may print from your iPad or laptop to one of two printers on the floor. One is near the restrooms and the other is near the fireplace.

For more information, see the Using PLC Printers page.

Is there a vending machine on the second floor?

Yes, there is a food vending machine (no drinks) in the northwest corner of the floor.

What hours can I meet with a librarian in the PLC?

Generally, the Access Services and Resource Librarian is available in the morning on most business week days with open office hours. If you're needing to schedule a meeting or ask a question via email or phone, please consult the Ask a Librarian page for contact options for Curry Librarians. 

Is the building open 24/7?

Yes, the PLC (including the open areas on the second floor) is open 24/7 to WJC students, staff, and faculty. Swipe access is required after 9PM. 

Can I return books in the PLC?

Yes. Books checked out from Curry Library may be returned in the metal book return slot on the door of PLC 212, pictured below.

PLC Book Return Door