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Interlibrary Loan Guide: Picking Up a Request

Describing the policies and procedures of Curry Library’s Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services, including MOBIUS and Prospector.

Hold Shelf Location

For instructions on accessing the hold shelf on the Intermediate Floor of Curry Hall and a map of the Intermediate Floor, please visit the Curry Library General Collection Guide linked below.

Hold Shelf and Course Reserves

The Hold Shelf is where any requested items from the Curry Library General Collection, the DVD collections, and books from other MOBIUS/Prospector/OCLC Worldshare libraries are temporarily stored and available for pickup. It is located along the south wall of the Curry Library General Collection on the intermediate floor of Curry Hall.

Curry Library Holdshelf

Items placed on the Hold Shelf are wrapped in a green paper privacy protector, which is labeled with the requester's first four letters of their last name and last four digits of their campus ID number. Requested books are kept on the Hold Shelf for an extended period of time (one month) and are available for pickup 24/7.

Hold Shelf Book Label

When a book is ready to pickup the requester will be notified via email sent to their William Jewell College email address. Any requested books placed on the Hold Shelf are pre-checked out to their requester's library account and may be removed from the Hold Shelf as soon as they are notified the book is ready to be picked up. It is the requester's responsibility to promptly pickup an item available to them on the Hold Shelf. Items not picked up will be returned to their home location or library and patrons will be responsible for any missing books on their account. 

Any book taken off the Hold Shelf may be returned in a normal location such as the Curry book return bin or by the Circulation Desk. 

Course Reserves are Curry Library items, such as books and DVDs, that are recommended resources for different courses on campus and placed on Course Reserve and placed on reserve at the request of a course's faculty.

If you are a faculty member and are interested in adding an item to Course Reserves, please click on the link below.

The Course Reserves shelf is located is located next to the hold shelf along the south wall of the Curry Library General Collection on the intermediate floor of Curry Hall. Items on Course Reserve are shelved by instructor last name, and a general reference collection, including citation manuals and handbooks, are available on the bottom shelf as well. 

Course Reserve book shelf

Course Reserve items are generally able to be checked out for a time period of three days. This is to ensure that all students in a course may have access to the material during the semester. You must checkout an item on the Course Reserve shelf to your account using either the self-checkout computer or through the Circulation Desk during desk hours. To search for Course Reserves by instructor name or course number, click the link below.

Course Reserve items may be returned at any normal library return location. Course Reserve items that are overdue by any period of time will begin to accumulate fines on your library account. Any item placed in a return box the day it is due will have any resulting fines removed. 

Library Book Band and Sticker Labels

Books requested from other libraries and items on Course Reserve often have accompanying paper bands and sticker labels that include information about the book and its lending library as well as checkout and return details. These labels should always be left on a book's cover, even when in use. Not doing so potentially risks losing the label and causing delays or replacement fees for Curry Library when returning the book. 

For examples of different kinds of book labels and stickers, see images below:

Green MOBIUS sticker