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Curry Library General Collection: Map and Floor Spaces

Descriptions of policies, services, and resources specific to the Intermediate Floor of Curry Hall.

Intermediate Floor Map

Floor Amenities

The 2nd Floor of the PLC is intended as the primary quiet study space on campus for students, staff, and faculty. However, there are several available individual study desks and spaces available on the intermediate floor. Some spaces pictured below. 

Note: Not every space has access to an electrical outlet. For additional study space, see the Curry Commons tab.


There are two single gender neutral restrooms near the swipe access door in the south east corner of the Intermediate floor. Additionally, there is a Men's restroom near the south staircase on the Intermediate floor. Its companion Women's restroom is further down the stairs on another floor. 

You may access the intermediate floor using either the north or south staircase. Both staircases may be entered from the main floor of Curry Hall or from floors below. There is also an elevator near the north staircase that opens into the intermediate floor. That elevator may also be accessed from the main floor of Curry Hall. 

Accessing the General Collection

To reach the General Collection from the Main Floor of Curry Hall, use either the north staircase (pictured below), the elevator to the right of the north staircase, or the south staircase on the other side of the Cardinal Store.

Note - the Quad Side door of Curry Hall will close at the end of each business day. For access after business hours, use the South Side Swipe Access door.

To access the Intermediate Floor of Curry Hall and the Curry Library General Collection 24/7 (and after business hours), use the Swipe Access door on the south side of Curry Hall (the side facing the Hill). 

To reach this door, travel down the exterior staircase to the left of the main Quad side entrance.

The first door you see on your right is the entrance to the Intermediate Floor. Accessing this door will require your WJC ID.

Non-library Spaces

The Curry Commons space is a 24/7 student lounge space located on the north end of the intermediate floor of Curry Hall. The space includes the following tools and appliances:

  • Study desks and chairs
  • Computer stations
  • A printer/copier
  • AirPlay capable TV 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Microwave

This space is accessible 24/7 though you will need to swipe into the room using your William Jewell College ID. 

Counseling Services on the north east end of the intermediate floor of Curry Hall near the Curry Commons and elevator. For more information on Counseling Services and to seek assistance, click on the link below.

The Cardinals Care Cupboard is located on the south east end of the intermediate floor of Curry Hall. The Cupboard is administered by Student Life and includes food and other resources available 24/7 to any food insecure student on campus.