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Curry Library General Collection: General Collection FAQs

Descriptions of policies, services, and resources specific to the Intermediate Floor of Curry Hall.

Curry Library Stacks

Where are the books located?

The books are located on the intermediate floor of Curry Hall, one floor below the main Quad side floor. You may enter it from that floor or via a 24/7 swipe access door on the south side of Curry Hall.

Where is the hold shelf?

The hold shelf is located on the south side of the library next to the self-checkout computer.

Where are the course reserves?

The course reserves are located on the hold shelf that is next to the self-checkout computer.

Is there seating or study space available?

There is limited seating available in the library, but there is a small section available with a couch and table. The most recommend location to study in is the PLC.

Where do I return books?

There is a book return bin located near the south entrance of Curry Hall. Books can be placed in this bin or returned directly to the desk.

Is there an accessible entrance into Curry Hall and the library?

The Quad level entrance to Curry Hall includes a ramp and an elevator located near the front desks of the business office will bring you directly into the library. The elevator locks after 5 pm Monday through Friday and is closed on the weekends.

How do I apply to work at the library?

To inquire about working in the library contact Rebecca Hamlett at

What are the resources available to students?

Students have many resources available to them including eBooks, print books, articles, DVDs, databases, and materials available through other library

What does it mean to reserve a book and how do I do that?

When a patron puts a reserve on a book online, a library assistant will place the book with the patron’s information on the hold shelf on the south wall of Curry Library. There are in alphabetical order by last name and can be picked up at any time by the patron.

Where are the restrooms located?

There are two unisex single restrooms located near the south entrance of the library. There is also a men's restroom located near the south staircase on the Intermediate Floor. If you go down the stairs towards IT and Browning Theater there is a female restroom as well. 

Circulation FAQs

How do I see if the library offers the book I need and if it’s available?

This information can be found by using the library website and searching in either Discovery or the Curry Book Catalog for the title/author of the book. If the library has the book you can then see if it is listed as Available for checkout. 

How do I find a book on a particular topic?

You can use the call numbers and find the section of the topic you are looking for, you can search the topic on the website and reserve the desired titles or use those call numbers to locate the books in the library, or you could ask a librarian for assistance.

How do I use the call numbers to locate books?

In order to use the call numbers start with the first number listed and find the corresponding range. For example, if the call number you were trying to locate was 971.55 you would need to find the range that contains call numbers 968.065-973.44. You would then keep narrowing down the location of the book until you have found the title you are looking for.

How do I check out a book if no one is at the desk and/or the self-checkout machine is not working?

In this situation there is a red binder located on the table to the right of the self-checkout machine. Please clearly record your name, the date, and the book barcode number in the appropriate spaces.

Can I check out books from other libraries?

Yes! These are called interlibrary loans and are available for request through the library website or with the help of a librarian.

How long do I have a book checked out for?

When books are checked out a due date will be given. When checking out books owned by Curry library the due date will be set as the end of the semester. Books requested and borrowed from other libraries will have their own due date, typically for one month.

How many books can I have at once?

WJC Patrons can check out an unlimited amount of books that are owned by Curry Library. The limit for books that are not owned by Curry is 20. 

How do I renew my books?

In order to renew books online click the red Renew Books button at the top of the library homepage. Follow the login instructions using your name, ID number, and the unique campus code (wj). This will look like ex. 3456789wj. 

If there is no hold on a book, a patron may renew every checkout twice. A patron cannot renew any library book (Curry or MOBIUS) if it is overdue.

How do I request a book from Curry Library?

When you find a book in Curry Library Catalog or Discovery, click the book's title to enter into its record. 

In the book's record, click on the gray request it button and enter in your first name, last name then your William Jewell College ID number followed by wj ex. 3456789wj. The book will be available to pick up on the Curry Library hold shelf within 24 hours. You will receive an email when the book is available. 

How do I obtain a book that Curry Library does not have?

As a William Jewell Library patron you are able to request books from other libraries for free. For more information click the link below.