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Jewell Archives and Partee Center: Archives/Partee Center Research

Information, policies, and procedures for finding and researching information in the William Jewell College Archives and W.E. Partee Center for Baptist Historical Studies.


If, after reading the procedures for either an information research request or a research appointment request, you still have questions, please access our FAQ page. This page contains answers to frequently asked question about, among other things, our research processes. Please feel free to contact us at for further questions, or call (816) 415-7620.

Please note that, during the academic year of 2021-2022, research appointments will take place only on Thursdays. Thank you.

Procedures for Accessing Collections

What are information research requests?
An information research request form is used by patrons to locate information about a specific document, manuscript, photo, person, or building associated with the Jewell Archives or the Partee Center for Baptist Historical Studies.

Procedure for Initiating an Information Research Request 
An information research request can be generated by filling out a research request Wufoo form. Anyone can fill out an information research request on Wufoo, regardless of whether or not they are directly affiliated with William Jewell College. This Wufoo form can be found on Curry Library's home page. Furthermore, patrons can also access the Wufoo form directly via this link: 

When filling out this form, patrons should be as specific as possible when requesting information from the Archives. The more specific a patron in the research request, the likelier it is that materials pertaining to this information request will be found.

Appropriate versus Inappropriate Information Requests
The information research request form is not intended for the purposes of obtaining information for a broad topic. For example, if the researcher is looking for information concerning Jewell during the World Wars, the researcher should indicate specific resources in Archives circulation that they would like access to. It is not appropriate to submit a research request form that requests all information concerning Jewell during the World Wars, as there are a lot of materials in the Archives collection pertaining to that topic. 

On the other hand, if you would like information about a specific building, person, or material, then the information research request would be appropriate for your purposes. It is appropriate to, for example, indicate that you would like specific information about the construction of Marston Hall. It is also appropriate for you to ask for access to a specific page or issue of one of our Jewell publications. Patrons should note that certain resources are already available digitally. These are accessible on our Popular Archives Resources Page

If you would like more help in narrowing down the scope of your research or in singling out potentially relevant resources to your research topic, please contact the Director of Library Services and/or the Archives Student Manager before generating an information research request. A listing of the material within Archives and Partee collections is available in our online inventories, which are accessible using the following links:

  • Archives Online Inventory
    • Please note that in the case of the "Archives Collection Shelving" document, not all boxes are exactly in this order, and some boxes listed are not in fact in the appropriate spots, which may delay your request. This document is intended as a rough inventory while we continue to restore the Archives following an environmental clean-up.
  • Partee Center Online Inventory

Should you be interested in a very broad research topic, it is possible that your needs may be better fulfilled by scheduling a series of research appointments for you to peruse all available material over time. For more information concerning research appointment procedures, please visit the Research Appointment tab on this page and the Research Appointment FAQ

Finally, if you are a faculty member interested in conducting research on a broad topic for the purposes of classroom enrichment, it would be best for you to get in contact with the Director of Library Services at least a semester in advance of the due date of your envisioned research project. This way, Archives staff can best coordinate with you in order to fulfill your research needs, whether that be by information requests, appointments, or a combination of the two. 

I've filled out a information research request. Now what?
Archives staff will work to fulfill your information research request. Depending on the nature of the research request, fulfillment may take more or less time. On average, a research request takes about a month to fulfill. 

Please note that certain materials are inaccessible as a result of an ongoing cleanup of an environmental issue. Furthermore, it is possible that certain items in our collection require a particular infrastructure to make available digitally to a patron, and therefore the research request is unfulfillable. If your request is too broad or there is too short a turn around on your request, then it is possible that your request may be unfulfillable. Patrons should also note that there are certain distribution and access limitations (as a result of copyright) on some of the collections material. For information on access and distribution use of certain collections, please see our Archives Collection Policy or contact the Director of Library Services.

Archives staff will contact you about any problems when it comes to fulfilling your research request via your provided e-mail. Specifically, Archives staff will e-mail you a copy of your Wufoo form with an explanation concerning the nature of the problem with your research request. 

Furthermore, Archives staff will periodically send updates concerning the information request and its fulfillment status to the contact email provided on the Wufoo form of the information request. Patrons are also welcome to contact the Archives at to inquire about the status of a research request. In communications with Archives staff, please ensure that you indicate the date in which you made the research request, your name (as listed on the Wufoo form), and the nature of your research request. This will help staff to identify the specific research request that you are inquiring about. 

Once the materials pertaining to the request have been found, Archives staff will provide a digital scan of the request material attached as .pdf (or a .jpeg, if the material requested is an image) to the Wufoo form for the patron to peruse. In the case where multiple digital files are required, patrons will be emailed a link to a OneDrive folder containing the materials requested. Access to attached .pdfs/.jpegs and OneDrive links is not permanent, so patrons should download their request materials on to their personal devices. 

That Archives staff are providing access to digital files does not entail that the patron is then given publishing and/or broadcasting rights over this material; items are provided for reference only. Item use is subject to the Archives Reference Policy, which can be found in the Library's library policy. 

Should you have any lingering questions after your request has been fulfilled, please e-mail In the case where your request is unfilled, Archives staff will provide a rationale via e-mail as to why your request was unfilled. However, if you have still have questions concerning your unfilled research request, or would like help in ensuring that your research request is filled, please e-mail

What are research appointment requests?
A research appointment request is a form patron may use in order to request in-person access to the Archives in order to peruse previously identified materials. Archives staff will assign patrons a reading room area and pull out materials which the patron has requested access to.  A listing of the material within Archives and Partee collections is available in our online inventories.

For our Partee center inventory, click here. For our Archives collection inventory, click here (Please note that the document titled "Archives collection shelving" is meant to be a rough approximation of where items are; some items may in fact be unavailable in this inventory).

Anyone is welcome to submit a research appointment request, whether or not they are affiliated with William Jewell College or not. 

Procedure for Initiating a Research Appointment Request
Patrons can request a one hour research appointment time block via our Calendly Research Appointment link. Access to this Calendly can be found on Curry Library's Homepage, or in the link below:

When requesting a research appointment, it is imperative that a patron indicate which materials they would like access to either within the comments of the research appointment form itself, or in communication with the Director of Library Services and/or the Archives Student Manager. This communication constitutes the patron's pull slip, which is used by Archival staff beforehand to locate copies of the material that the patron wants and make them readily available to the patron. Patrons are not allowed into the collection circulation area, as the material there is fragile, expensive, unique, or all three. Instead, materials are brought to the patron's assigned reading room area, where the patron may then peruse request items one at a time. 

Furthermore, research appointment requests must be made and approved 24 hours in advance. Up to 2 people may attend an individual research appointment booking, but patrons must indicate (either on the Calendly form or in direct communication with Archives staff) that they intend to bring a research assistant so as to avoid overbooking Archives reading room space. 

Failure to book an appointment 24 hours in advance or failure to create a pull slip prior to a patron's research appointment will result in a cancelled research appointment.

It should be noted that if the material that the patron would like access to is already previously digitized or can be make readily available through digitization, then the Archives staff has the discretion to cancel the research appointment request and instead sent patrons digitized copies of the materials requested. Already digitized materials accessible to the public are found on the Popular Archives Resources Page

If a patron's research appointment request is cancelled (for whatever reason) the patron will be e-mailed an explanation on the part of the Archives staff via the patron's provided e-mail address on the Calendly research appointment request form. For follow-up on cancelled appointments, feel free to e-mail

Proper Archives Etiquette in a Research Appointment
As a result of poor environmental conditions within the Archives, patrons are strongly recommended to use facial masks at all times during a research appointment. Should the patron require facial masks, Archives staff are available to provide these on request. 

The archival material which the patron is perusing is likely to be delicate, unique, expensive, or all three. Therefore, patrons must wear protective gloves at all times when handling archival material. Protective gloves will be provided to the patron by Archives staff at the time of the research appointment. 

Patrons may not peruse more than one archival material at a time. Nor are patrons allowed into the Archives and/or Partee circulation area under any circumstances.

Furthermore, when perusing materials, patrons should abide by the following rules:

Failure to abide by proper archives etiquette during a research appointment will result in a cancelled appointment. 

When arriving at a research appointment, please ensure that you arrive at your allotted time, and to leave after your one hour time frame is up. If you are interested in staying for a longer of period of time, please go ahead and make multiple back-to-back bookings, provided availability allows. 

If none of the research appointment hours (as listed on the Calendly research appointment form) work for you, it may be possible to set-up an alternative research appointment schedule, though this is not guaranteed. In order to potentially set up alternative hours for research appointments, please contact the Director of Library Services

Procedure during a Research Appointment 

Patrons are required to fill out the appropriate Research Appointment Log Sheet upon arrival in the William Jewell College Archives. Any material accessed must be listed on this log sheet. The Director of Library Services or the Archives Student Manager must sign and date the log sheet at the end of the research appointment.

Paper copies of the log sheet will be kept in the “Research Appointment and Loan Records” file folder in the desk in the Archives office. Digital copies of this sheet will be kept in the “Research Appointment and Loan Records” folder in the Archives OneDrive.

Patrons may request a digital copy of their log sheet via e-mail ( Patron’s previously indicated materials will be brought to them by the Archives staff. Research appointments are not a time for patrons to freely peruse the collection materials, as materials are delicate. If patrons are looking for materials, but are unsure of which materials, patrons should fill out an research information request, while still being as specific as possible. For other concerns, patrons should e-mail

Archives staff will be on hand to pull additional materials from the Archives collection for the patron to peruse at the assigned reading area, should the need arise. Furthermore, Archives staff are available to digitize materials, subject to the Archives Student Manager's discretion. Digitized materials will be e-mailed as .pdf or .jpeg attachment to the patron. 

Materials provided to the patron, whether physical or digital, are for reference only. For more information on usage rights concerning provided material, please refer to the Archives Reference Policy found on the Library's policy library.