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Jewell Archives and Partee Center: Archives Mission and Collections

Information, policies, and procedures for finding and researching information in the William Jewell College Archives and W.E. Partee Center for Baptist Historical Studies.


The mission of the William Jewell College Archives is to collect, arrange, and preserve materials related to William Jewell College in order to provide researchers with information about the rich history of the College and the town of Liberty.  

Furthermore, as part of its work with the W.E. Partee Center for Baptist Historical Studies, the Archives is further tasked with collecting, arranging, and preserving materials related to the history of Missouri Baptists in order to provide researchers with information about the history of Missouri Baptists and to provide a repository for Missouri Baptist church histories. 

Archives/Partee Collections

The following section describes materials which are encompassed within the scope of the collection of the Archives and the W.E. Partee Center.  The scope of the collections determines the kinds of materials which the Archives staff are authorized to collect, arrange, and preserve. Furthermore, the scope of the collections determines what materials may be donated to by members of the William Jewell College community, the Liberty community, and the Missouri Baptist community. 


  • Accreditation Records  
  • Annual Reports  
  • Athletic Programs and Promotional Materials  
  • Audio Tapes  
  • Audit Reports (Internal and External)  
  • Awards (Students, Faculty, Staff)  
  • Broadsides and Posters  
  • Building Plans or Blueprints  
  • Capitol Contracts  
  • Case Files  
  • Clippings Files  
  • Committee Files (System, College, or Department)  
  • Conflict of Interest Records  
  • Constitutions and By-laws (Affiliated Organizations or Groups)  
  • Departmental Administrative Files  
  • Event Programs and Promotional Materials  
  • Faculty and Staff Meeting Minutes and Records  
  • Faculty Publications  
  • Fellowships (Students, Faculty, and Staff)  
  • Film and Video Productions  
  • Funded Grant Proposals and Reports  
  • Histories of the Unit or Division  
  • Honors (Students, Faculty, and Staff)  
  • Inactive Faculty and Academic Staff Personnel Files  
  • Legal Case Files (affidavits, orders, briefs, testimony transcripts, etc)  
  • Maps and Site Plans  
  • Negatives (photographic)  
  • Newsletters and Departmental Publications  
  • Organizational Charts  
  • Pamphlets  
  • Photographs, Slides and Negatives  
  • Planning Reports and Documents  
  • Policies and Procedure Manuals  
  • Policies and Rules  
  • Policy and Administrative Correspondence  
  • Policy and Administrative Memoranda  
  • Press Releases and Clippings  
  • Promotion and Tenure Files  
  • Publications and Newsletters (produced by the unit)  
  • Scholarships (Students, Faculty, Staff)  
  • Scrapbooks for Unit or Affiliated Organization  
  • Scripts (programs or presentations)  
  • Search or Screening Committee Files  
  • Slides (photographic)  
  • Speeches  
  • Student Honorary Society Records  
  • Studies (Regarding the Institution or Department)  
  • Video and Film Productions
  • Books on the history of Baptists and religious belief  
  • Minutes, publications, photographs, and histories of Baptist associations  
  • Biography files for notable individuals associated with Missouri Baptists or Missouri Baptist organizations  
  • Photographs of Missouri Baptist associations, Missouri Baptist related events, and notable individuals  
  • Personal papers and notable correspondence related to Missouri Baptists and the history of Missouri Baptists.
  • Capps–Truman Collection 

    • Retired Brigadier General and Mrs. Jack Capps gave this collection of letters from Harry and Bess Truman, and books by and about Mr. Truman, to the college in 2006. Some of the books are signed by the author or by Mr. Truman. The collection also contains some photographs. Copies of this collection are permitted at the discretion of the Archivist.  

  • Herget Collection 

    • Dr. John F. Herget, former president of William Jewell College and an 1895 alumnus, presented this collection of Limited Editions Club books to the college in 1948. Dr. Herget was president of the college from 1928-1942. The collection includes books printed on special paper, illustrated by a talented artist, or bound in a unique fashion. Copies of this collection are not permitted, and this collection is non-circulating. 

  • Hubmaier Collection 

    • This is a collection of the writings of Dr. Balthasar Hubmaier, an Anabaptist, who was burned at the stake in Vienna in 1528 because of his religious beliefs. The collection consists of 6 bound volumes of photographs of the original German works. These photographic documents were collected by Dr. W. O. Lewis, former commissioner of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society of Europe, from libraries in Berlin, Vienna, and Czechoslovakia. Dr. George D. Davidson, former head of the Foreign Language Department at Jewell, created an English translation of Hubmaier’s works in 1939. The English and German editions are also available on microfilm. Copies of this collection are permitted, where possible. 

  • Hull Papers 

    • William R. Hull, Jr., a former Congressman from the Sixth Missouri District, donated his collection of personal and political papers from his years in the 84th to 92th Congresses. The papers were divided between Park College and William Jewell College. Jewell’s collection consists of 1080 folders, 14 scrapbooks, and a complete set of microfilm. Copies of this collection are permitted, per the discretion of the Archivist.  

  • Jewelliana 

    • Archival records of the college as well as articles and books published by alumni and faculty are kept in the Jewelliana Collection. Some items included are college catalogs, newspapers, directories, yearbooks, alumni and staff newsletters, student handbooks, special events programs, biography and history files, and photographs. Copies of this collection are permitted. 

  • Lois Lenski Collection 

    • Miss Lois Lenski, well-known writer and illustrator of children’s books, presented books and original illustrations to Curry Library in 1958. The Lois Lenski Collection may be exhibited by William Jewell College, and with the permission of the College. No copies of original works are permitted. 

  • Littleford Collection 

    • Mr. Frank Littleford donated his collection of books and magazines to the library in the 1980’s. Although many of the items are about the Civil War, the collection includes materials related to several world conflicts involving the United States. Copies of this collection are permitted. 

  • Missouri Collection 

    • The Missouri Collection, established in 1970, emphasizes western Missouri history. Special emphasis is given to acquiring material on Clay County and Liberty. Items include books, articles, newspapers, pamphlets, and maps. Copies of materials are permitted.

  • Partee Collection  

    • A repository for Missouri Baptist materials that provides programs to assist all Missouri Baptists in their own preservation and planning needs. Copies of materials are permitted, per the discretion of the Partee Center Manager. 

  • Payne Military Collection 

    • Mr. Houstin Payne, a former officer in the U.S. Strategic Tactical Air Force department of photo intelligence in England and a 1932 alumnus of the college, gave this five volume collection of maps charting movement of American troops in the European theater during World War II. Maps include rare aerial reconnaissance photographs of German bomb installations, daily records of road and reconnaissance attacks and attacks on enemy installations, captured monthly data on German bomb production, bomb launchings and targets in England. Copies of this material are permitted. 

  • Settle Collection 

    • Mrs. Pauline Sharp, a 1937 alumnus of the college, gave the Settle Collection to the library in 1974 in honor of her father, Rev. Raymond W. Settle, a 1922 alumnus of the college. The collection includes books, periodicals, manuscripts and photographs covering various aspects of Western Americana. Copies of the collection are permitted per the discretion of the William Jewell College Archivists. Approval must be granted by the Archive prior to publication. 

  • Valentine Collection 

    • Ms. Irene Renfer Valentine, a 1955 alumnus of the college, gave this collection of autographed children’s books to the library. Copies of these materials, in part, are permitted at the discretion of the Archivist.