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Faculty Services Guide

Providing descriptions and links to various library services available to WJC faculty.

Link to Moodle Using Permalinks

The best way to share links to online library resources is through the use of permanent links or "permalinks." Permalinks are persistent, and last when your database session has timed out. This is opposed to the normal address in the URL bar at the top of your browser, which will time out after your database session has ended and be unusable. 


Every database vendor lists their permalink in different locations. Refer to the tabs below to locate a resource's permalink.

Permalink Locations

EBSCO is the vendor provider for both individual EBSCOhost databases (ex. Academic Search Ultimate), and of Curry Library's Discovery Service. One advantage of this is permalinks are located in the same place for resources found in Discovery or through individual EBSCO databases. 

1). Locate the resource you would like to link. Click on its title to open the full resource record

Click on the title to open the resource's record

2). Click on the Permalink button on the right hand side of the screen

3). A generated link will appear at the top of the record. This is the resource's permalink and should be used to link back to the resource in any document or via Moodle.

To copy a permalink of a search in EBSCO databases/ Discovery, do the following:

1). Click on the Share option at the top of the search results.


2). Copy the generated permalink in the menu to return to your saved search.

For more information and FAQs on EBSCO permalinks, click on the EBSCO Connect article link below

To locate the permalink for a resource in ProQuest:

1). Click on the resource's title in your search results

2). Click on the All Options button on the sharing menu in the upper right hand side of the screen

3). Copy the resulting link. This is the resource record's permalink.

To save a permalink of a search in ProQuest, do the following:

1). At the top of a page of search results, click the Save search/alert link, then click the "Get search link"

2). Copy the resulting link. Note the expiration date for the link and additional save options.