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Faculty Services Guide

Providing descriptions and links to various library services available to WJC faculty.

Checking Out Books

The Curry Library General Collection is located on the Intermediate Floor of Curry Hall and contains over 100,000 physical book titles. These titles are accessible 24/7 via swipe access on the south side exterior of Curry Hall.

To search the online Curry Library catalog use the search box below. To locate a book in the physical collection use its Dewey Decimal call number found on the catalog to locate the book.

William Jewell College

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Using the Curry Self-Checkout Computer

The self-checkout computer is located on the intermediate floor of Curry Library, near the South wall. The Intermediate floor is accessible during normal business hours from the Quad side door of the main floor of Curry Hall, or 24/7 via the swipe access door (WJC ID required) on the south side exterior of Curry Hall.

The self-check out computer may be used to check out any book from the General collection, as well as any books on the hold shelf that the patron has requested through MOBIUS, Prospector, or KC-Towers. 

                Self-Checkout Computer

1). To use the self check-out machine, first scan your William Jewell College ID Card. If your William Jewell College ID card does not scan, or if card scans but the machine does not find your record within the system, try manually typing your unique campus ID number on the self-check out screen.

2). If the self check-out does not pull up your account, please use the red binder or clipboard near the Circulation Desk to write down your name, the date of your checkout, and the bar codes of the books you would like to checkout.

3). To scan a book's bar code, make sure to hold the book still and bring it up the scanner next to the computer screen on the self-checkout machine. Ensure that the bar code you are scanning is the correct scanner-- this bar code should say "CURRY LIBRARY" somewhere, and the number corresponding to the bar code should be nine digits long.

Note: If you are scanning a book from another institution, make sure that you scan the lending library's bar code, otherwise the system will not recognize the material you are trying to check out.

If the book successfully scans, it will appear as a new check out on the screen, alongside the due date of the book. 

4). Once you are done, make sure to sign out of your library account. The self check-out machine will ask you whether or not you would like a date due slip at the end of your transaction. If you select 'e-mail receipt,' you will be e-mail a date due slip at your William Jewell college e-mail address. 




Renewing Books

Items checked out from Curry Library and requested from other libraries have different loan periods and, consequently, different renewal conditions depending on the item, the patron, and the lending location. Please read the following guidance on different renewal stipulations. 

Items From Curry Library:

  1. Items checked out from Curry Library are lent to student patrons to the end of the current semester, and to faculty and staff patron until the following May. Because of this long term checkout setup, renewals are not allowed for Curry Library materials.
  2. If you wish to extend your checkout longer than the set due date, please contact the Library at or visit the Curry Library Circulation Desk on the Intermediate Floor of Curry Hall during desk hours.
  3. Note: you may not extend the checkout of your Curry items(s) if you have outstanding fines and/or bills on your library account.

Items From MOBIUS/Prospector: 

  1. Items lent from MOBIUS/Prospector typically lend for one month, with two allowed renewals of one month each.
  2. Some exceptions apply:
    1. You may not renew an item that is overdue. 
    2. You may not renew an item if you have outstanding fines and/or bills on your library account. 
    3. If your copy is requested by another MOBIUS patron in between your allotted renewals, then you must return the material. 
  3. If you wish to keep an item longer than your two renewals, you may return and then re-request the item through the MOBIUS catalog. The item must be sent back to its home library first. 

Items From OCLC WorldShare: 

  1. Lending libraries in OCLC WorldShare set their own variable due dates and renewals periods. Therefore, Curry Library is unable to guarantee a renewal of an item checked out through OCLC WorldShare. 
  2. If you wish to renew an OCLC WorldShare item, contact the library as soon as possible.
  3. You may not renew books if you have outstanding fines or bills on your library account. 
  4. Book lending periods depend on the lending library. Renewals are also subject to the discretion of the lending library. 
  5. When viewing OCLC materials on your account, you are viewing a placeholder. Renewing these placeholders will not  renew the actual loan within OCLC WorldShare. If you wish to renew your materials, please contact

You may renew items checked out from MOBIUS/Prospector online via your Library Account. To view your account and renew your library check-outs online, click on the following link:

You may also reach your library account from the red "Renew Books" button the library homepage

Red Renew Books

To login, first enter your First Name and Last Name. Then, enter your unique campus ID number (usually found on your William Jewell College ID card) followed by WJ, which is our campus code. Ex. 1234567WJ. Then, click 'Submit.' 

To renew a checked out item from MOBIUS/Prospector, click on the "Items currently checked out" on the left menu option. 


Select the items that you would like to renew and click "Renew marked." Alternatively, click "Renew All" to renew all the items on your account.

Note: Not all items in your account are renewable. Please see 'Renewal Guidelines' tab for further information.


Renewing Items In-Person

You may renew any eligible checkouts in-person at either the Curry Library Circulation Desk during Desk Hours, or via the Self-Checkout Computer.

See link below for current Circulation Desk Hours.

Renewing With the Self Checkout Computer

To begin the renewal process:

  1. Log into your account on the self checkout computer located on the south wall of the Intermediate Floor of Curry Hall.
  2. Click on the green "View Checkouts" tab at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select which book checkouts you wish to renew. 
  4. Click on the "Renew Selected Books" tab in the right hand corner of the screen.

Your selected books should now be renewed and show their new due dates on screen. If you encounter any issues please contact the Library at