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Curry Library Policies

Policies relating to Curry Library services and resources.

Course Reserves Policies

This policy is to provide information and guidance to the Jewell community regarding Reserves. The terms “Reserve” and “Reserves” in this policy relate to items owned by Jewell that have been designated by faculty or staff as needing a central access point due to frequent or critical use. Course Reserve materials may consist of books, videos, DVD and Blu-Ray Discs, CDs, journals, music scores, and other tangible items.


The purpose of Course Reserves is to make available course supplemental readings, as well as required course readings under Fair Use and Copyright Compliance (generally under 10% of a text) that are deemed as valuable in furthering the success of students to meet curricular goals but do not meet requirements for student individual purchase. Faculty may request library-owned items to be placed on Course Reserves. The name of the faculty member and the course name and number for which the item is to be used must be submitted on the Reserve Form located on the library website, in addition to other required information. The guidelines for course reserve use are as follows:

  • Library Services does not allow personal copies of items or interlibrary loan materials to be placed on Course Reserve.
  • The course professor must update each course for Reserve Items each semester to ensure copyright compliance. If the professor does not update the Course Reserve Form, any Course Reserve materials will be returned to the Curry Library collection after the completion of the semester and final grade submission for which the request was originally placed.
  • Library Services does not currently offer electronic reserves. For faculty wishing to make library-owned electronic resources on the college’s LMS or other LMS platform, please contact the Access Services and Resource Librarian.
  • Reserve lending periods are generally for a period of 3 days only. For alternative checkout periods please contact the Access Services and Resource Librarian.
  • Faculty members hold sole responsibility for copyright compliance of materials placed on reserve for student use. Library Services can provide copyright guidance upon request.
  • Students can access course reserve materials 24/7. The Course Reserve area is located on the Intermediate Floor of Curry Hall and may be accessed via key card after business hours on the south door of Curry Hall.


  • Reserve materials may be checked out 24/7 on the Intermediate Floor of Curry Hall with a current Jewell Student ID. That floor may be accessed via a key card after business hours through the south door of Curry Hall.
  • Course Reserve materials are for 3 Day Checkout Only, unless specifically designated by the faculty member who places the item on reserve and with approval of Library Services.
  • Students checking out or utilizing materials on Reserve are solely responsible for copyright compliance, including the photocopying, ripping/burning, sharing, and dissemination of materials through social media, email, and other mediums while in possession of reserve materials or personal copies.
  • Reserve materials must be returned in the Book Return bin on the Intermediate Floor of Curry Hall before the book’s due date. Library Services is not responsible for any items left unsupervised at the Circulation Desk or any other area and will be subject to the terms in the Library Services Circulation Policy relating to lost items.
  • All Reserve materials not returned by the date due will be Billed one day following the due date. If the item is not returned, bills for replacement costs will be submitted to the William Jewell College Business Office. Once charges are submitted to the Business Office they are irreversible. Library Services, including library staff and student workers, are unable to accept billing fees. The waiving of billing fees for Reserves will only occur with the express permission of the Access Services and Resource Librarian or the Director of Library Services.
  • Damaged, lost, or stolen Reserve materials not returned by the due date will be addressed in accordance with the Library Services Circulation Policy.

For further information, please contact the library directly.