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Curry Library Policies

Policies relating to Curry Library services and resources.

Curry Library Courtesy Card Policy

To provide equitable access to physical library resources on campus, Curry Library offers a courtesy library card to any individual working on campus in a contract capacity, such as in custodial or food services. Courtesy cards will allow holders to check out physical library books from the Curry Library General Collection for one month checkout periods. Courtesy card patrons will be unable to access Curry Library digital resources and Interlibrary Loan services. If a courtesy card patron is looking for a physical resource that Curry Library does not possess, it is recommended they visit a local public library in the region, such as Mid-Continent Public Library or the Kansas City Public Library.

Any contract employee wishing to acquire a courtesy card should email or call 816-415-5062. 

To activate your card, the library will require the following information:

  • An active email address
  • An active phone number
  • Any valid photo ID (Driver’s license, Jewell ID, etc.)
  • A mailing address appearing on a letter or form, such as a utility bill or bank statement or rental agreement

Courtesy card accounts with the library will expire every semester and must be renewed by confirmation of the individual’s continued employment at William Jewell College.